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The World’s Largest Wedding Cake

World's Largest Wedding Cake

World's Largest Wedding Cake

Above is the picture of the world’s largest wedding cake baked for  Mohean Sun Resort England, this huge vanilla flavored wedding cake is triple the size of the previous largest record holding wedding cake.

The cake is about 17 feet high and weigh about 15,032 pounds. The main ingredients used for baking of the cake were Cake batter (Ten thousand pounds) and Icing ( Four thousand Pounds) and could feed about fifty nine thousand people.

A team of 58 people headed by Executive Pastry Chef  Mr. Lynn Mansel made this cake for the New England Bridal Showcase held at the Mohean Sun Resort, England.  The cake is created by putting together 700 sheets of cakes that  baked separtly, steel disks and heavy duty metal pipes are used for tier creation and as separators.


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  1. please feed the hungry with your leftover weddingcake. People are hungry and i know you didnt have 59000 people at your wedding.

  2. it’s a bridal showcase idiot! Of course it got eaten!

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